Matrix: The Story Never Ends

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Jul 31, 2019
A wise man once said that what defines a good story is not always the contents it delivers, but rather the proper and just conclusion of its deliverables. In other words, knowing when it's finally time to throw in your towel and call an end to the journey so far...

Why must all good things approach their end? Why can we not live in endless bliss, free from the agony of imagination. Nothing feels worse than the realization that your imagination's concoctions will remain such for eternity. Should matrix meet its untimely end, imaginations will run rampant. & No matter how you feel towards her, no one wants to see yet another world...die.

It brings me great pleasure to say that this man was a fool, and we would never heed such cliche advice. Matrix lives on! In case you have not kept up with our discord... We have just updated to 1.14.4!! This is one of the biggest updates yet, and thus there are a large number of issues with it. Many would advise not even updating to this version at all currently. We saw this as both a challenge and opportunity to show the world that matrix craves adversity, and can tackle any challenge.

With 1.14.4 we've added a huge number of new plugins! If you haven't been online in a while, you might want to check them out! Things have gotten a lot different. Here's a few highlights of the new server:

-Bending (Of course)

- Magic (Yes, that's right full on spells, magic wands, magic/new mobs, and more)

- Slimefun

- Custom Weather (Hail, tornados, wind, floods)

- Custom Levelled mobs and bosses (spawning naturally throughout the world)

- Werewolves (Become a werewolf)

- Factions (As always)

- McMMO (The classic skill plugin)

- Skills (New skills that don't just give slight boosts, but change the way gameplay works entirely! It's basically a class system)

- ATM machines

- Ability to sleep if 45% of players are also sleeping. (Helps get rid of pesky phantoms, AFK players and staff do not go towards this count which is awesome!!)

- Parrots that stick to your shoulders!

-Custom enchantments!

- BountyHunting (Set bounties on your enemies)

- Marriage (Need I explain?)

- And the list goes on...

Feel free to check us out sometime! If you've left the server for a while, why not give us another whirl? Isn't that what everyone is doing these days with mc anyways? Now's the time if any. We've got a great season for you guys this year. Jam packed with action, adventure, romance, drama, and anything you could ever ask for in minecraft server?
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